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About us


THE MARVELOUS COMPANY is not just another company. We are a movement with the vision to create a statement that shines beyond beauty. Founded in 2016 by BATTAL MODICA, MARVELOUS BEAUTY is dedicated to unite centuries-old formulas with high quality intelligent ingredients that spread our MARVELOUS way of thinking. Besides the focus on sustainability, giving back to our partners and producing high quality and cruelty-free products, our mission is turn each persons inner beauty to the outside whilst adding a marvelous touch to each and every bathroom with the brands minimalistic yet luxuriously designed products. Our key to success? Professional products made in Germany, flat hierarchies, design and functionality that aim for strength and smoothness. Because you are unique, and so are we.



Born to an Italian father and a Turkish mother, Battal grew up in Germany. With the knowledge of a hairdresser he found himself fortunate enough to stumble into the right contacts and finally into the art of product development and design of his very own product range. Always by his side, his brother, ready to provide his knowledge regarding e-commerce and product development. With a dedicated eye on hair products that he used in his own studio, Battal had the chance to see his own products take effect and the resulting hype encouraged him to finally compose more and more products such as scents, creams and finally interior decoration. With a contemporary understanding of ingredients, design and functionality THE MARVELOUS COMPANY keeps growing ever since.